Resouces and tips on good writing.

  • Read anything and everything. The more you read the more you will have to write about.  Reading stimulates the mind and releases impulses to the subconscious.  Creativity resides in the subconscious mind.
  •  Limit the use of “and” “but” “I” “also”  whenever possible.  Go back and rewrite the sentence without the conjunction.  Too many conjunctions can lead to run on sentences.
  •  Learn to speak in sentences helps in transition to the written word.
  • No matter what you write about, if a piece is well written the chances of it being read increases.  However if a piece is written poorly, the chances of it being read decreases.
  • Writers have to write. It doesn’t mean that everything you write has to be published.  .  Writing is about rhythm and flow.  Once in that zone,  try to keep it going until you finish the thought, understanding that it will be hard to get back to that place. 
  • Editing what you write is a continuous and laborious process. I call it perfectionism in the pursuit of excellence.  


ESL basic words

Get synonyms and antonynms
Grammar and Composition

How Visual thinking improves wrinting



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