Empowerment Project: Training Adults in English Literacy.

Wikipedia defines empowerment as increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities

My goals are to be of service to the community, by providing value that others can use.  Training includes teaching and mentoring adults in English literacy that consists of reading, writing, grammar and the internet. Students through my program will acquire the skills needed to take greater control over their lives.  They will gain a self-confidence and independence in their ability to make decisions for themselves about themselves.  The will become Empowered.  You are never to old or young to learn.

One of my current roles is that of a volunteer tutor teaching English Literacy through the ALC  (Adult Learning Centers) run by the NYPL (New York Public Library) I am getting so much more out of it than expected.  The session I teach is beginning level reading and writing and runs for 2 hours.   The class is given twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students must sign up for the program.  Most of them are recent immigrants to the country.  The first major positive for me about teaching this course is the  improvement of  my own grammar skills.  After all I am a writer first and foremost. I want to teach them the proper rules of English; speaking, reading, grammar, pronounciations and writing. I have found myself relearning all the basic fundamentals and phonics principles,  this process has made me a better writer.


Adult Learning Principles

  The second positive for me is communication.  Teaching is a two-way street.   The sharing of information and knowledge.  This part of the experience has taught me to become more creative in reaching students and gaining their trust that is pivotal to the learning process.  I have developed a methodology that I follow during my sessions.   Its a continuous  cycle of preparation, practice and encouragement.

Preparation – Give students materials in advance, ahead of the lesson.  This consists of reading and writing exercises, and examples that will then be taught.

Teach- Work with students on learning new concepts and reviewing past lessons. Teaching students as a group and individually.  The goal is to have them actively participate in the learning process.

Encouragement –  Always be positive and reinforce newly acquired skills.  Stress the importance of home study.  Answer questions and discuss personal goals.

The Library has gone through its own transformation.  Instead of being book oriented it has turned into being resource oriented. Targeting specific needs of the local community. Thus providing free computer accessibility to Adults and teenagers, workshops, scheduling events featuing local talent, and education programs.

This site will also provide resources for those who want to improve their literacy and critical writing skills.

100 Short Stories for Adult ESL Students


1000 Basic Words for ESL Students


Types of Words

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